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Custom-Made Oral Appliances in Mason, OH

Erbeck Family Dental provides individually-tailored oral appliances to protect your teeth and prevent jaw problems.

Night Guards for Jaw Discomfort and TMJ Issues

Sleeping womanYou may suffer from bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, and not even realize it. Patients often grind their teeth during sleep and have no voluntary control over the phenomenon. Telltale signs of teeth grinding include jaw soreness upon awakening and frequent headaches.

If bruxism is allowed to continue unchecked, it can result in severely worn teeth as well as problems with your TMJ or jaw joint. Dr. Erbeck can fashion a night guard that is made to fit your individual oral anatomy precisely. These night guards are comfortable and protect your teeth and jaw from the immense pressure unleashed during teeth grinding. Soon after beginning to wear your night guard, you will likely experience a better night’s sleep and less head and jaw pain during the day.

Mouth Guards for Athletics

Athlete with a mouth guardOf course, mouth guards are crucial for rough sports like football or rugby. But accidents can also occur during “non-contact” sports such as tennis or racquetball. Mouth guards are always a good idea for any form of sports or athletics. In fact, the American Dental Association estimates that mouth guards prevent tens of thousands of dental injuries every year.

However, a generic, “one-size-fits-all” mouth guard from a department store or sports shop can fit poorly and be uncomfortable. Dr. Erbeck provides custom mouth guards at Erbeck Family Dental, created just for you. You’ll benefit from an ideal fit and comfortable protection for your mouth.

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